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Coyotes: Alpino Spotted On TV

October 8, 2021

Scouting has long been anchored in the hearts and minds of many Belgian youngsters. That also appealed to the imagination of production house Panache Productions, who created the series Coyotes

The thriller, which was shown on the Belgian TV channel La Une and the online platform Auvio, immerses the viewer into the adventurous world of youth organisations. It tells the exciting story of a young scout, Kevin, who finds diamonds at a scout camp. What Kevin doesn’t know at that moment is that the diamonds are property of a mafiosi, who wants his property back at any cost and would do anything to get it.

To ensure the set was authentic, several genuine Alpino scouting tents were on screen. We have been following the series closely and can only recommend it to you!

Pre-season discounts for youth movements available until December 15,2023! 🏕️

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