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Winner Of Alpino’s Photo Contest

October 22, 2021

It’s an annual tradition – mainly in Flanders – to celebrate Youth Movement Day at the end of October, the day on which all youth movements are put in the spotlight. This means a day full of activities, fun, games and parties.

This summer we organised a photo contest to celebrate Alpino’s new digital look, giving scout groups and other youth organisations the chance to win a 500 euro voucher on their next Alpino purchase just by sending their most beautiful camp pictures. Easy as pie!

And of course, there is no better day than Youth Movement Day to announce the winner of this photo contest. We received dozens of photos from youth groups. Each and every one of them a gem, but of course, in any competition, there can only be one winner.

Drum roll…

The most beautiful picture came from Scouts & Gidsen De Pinte – Zevergem. This scout group wins a 500 euro voucher on their next Alpino purchase. Perfect for giving their tents an upgrade.

We would like to thank all participants for the wonderful pictures we received. We at Alpino always love to see how creative scouting groups are, how they use their scout tents and how they make any camp cosy.

Keep an eye on our website and Instagram page because there are some interesting things coming.

To all youth movements: enjoy your Youth Movement Day!

Camping Tents & Tents For Youth Movements - Alpino-europ-collectivity-tent-scouts-en-gidsen-de-pinte-zevergem
© Scouts & Gidsen De Pinte - Zevergem

Pre-season discounts for youth movements available until December 15,2023! 🏕️

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