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€ 799

Art. Ref: Hoggar

Hoggar is a 3 person cotton camping tent that, together with its lightweight aluminium poles, is the perfect partner for your next camping trip.


Crushed Berry Smoked Oak Saffron Seagrass


3 person   8 kg

Available from 01/05/2022
Available within 2-5 working days

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We have good news for you: this camping tent is ready for new camping adventures from 01/05/2022.

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Award-Winning Design

Hoggar is a small camping tent, suitable for three adventurous campers. The tent consists of an inner and outer tent, both made of a high-quality lightweight cotton fabric that is waterproof, colourfast and mildew resistant while remaining breathable. The aluminium tent frame is light, quick to set up and easy to transport. 


Hoggar is such a small tent but still so grand thanks to all its handy features: a strong PVC bathtub groundsheet, windows to enjoy the view, mosquito netting to prevent insects from disturbing your night’s rest, a large awning to enjoy the outside of your tent, …



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Which colour do you prefer?

Camping Tents & Scouting Tents - Berry
Camping Tents & Scouting Tents - Smokedoak
Camping Tents & Scouting Tents - Seagrass
Camping Tents & Scouting Tents - Saffron



8 kg


2 - 3 persons

Inner tent

196 x 177-137cm


29 x 55 cm


Seagrass, Crushed Berry, Smoked Oak and Saffron

Inner tent

100% 140 gsm Himalaya Cotton with REACH® compliant mildew and decay treatment

Outer tent

100% 140 gsm Himalaya Cotton with REACH® compliant mildew and decay treatment

Groundsheet & mud flaps

260 gsm REACH® compliant PVC coated polyester

Mosquito netting

Heavy-duty tear resistant polyester


Anticorrosion anodised aluminium, ⌀19mm


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