How Should I Store My Tent?

September 24, 2021

All good stories come to an end – unfortunately, this is also the case for holidays.

Time to pack up your tent! Even though it may seem like child’s play to store your tent, there are a few key things to bear in mind if you want to store your tent properly. Our tips should make it easier.

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Tip 1: Clean your tent before you pack it away

Always make sure your tent is clean before taking it down. It’s much easier to do when the tent is still standing, rather than when the tent is dismantled. 

The Alpino and Europ Patrol Tents and Collectivity Tents are made of cotton and polyester-cotton. Following the motto “Prevention is better than a cure” we strongly advise you to maintain your tent in good time and in the right way. Mould loves moisture and as dirt tends to retain moisture, it is very important to clean your tent thoroughly before storing it.

If there’s dust on your tent, you can easily remove it with a soft brush. Do you have to handle more stubborn stains? Use lukewarm water and a cloth to remove the stain from the tent fabric.

The floor of your tent is made from PVC coated polyester. Super easy to maintain with lukewarm water and a soft sponge. Poles, pegs and other loose parts can easily be cleaned with a damp cloth.

Never force the zippers of your tent. Clean the tent zippers with a brush if they’re clogged with sand or mud.

Never use a high-pressure cleaner, soap or other aggressive detergents that could affect the durability of the fabric.


Tip 2: Close all zips

Don’t forget to close all zips before you take down your tent. This will make the folding and pitching of the tent easier.


Tip 3: Dry your tent

Cleaning your tent properly is the first important thing to do if you want to store your tent. It’s even more important to store your tent when it’s completely dry. Never leave a wet tent folded for more than 24 hours. Moisture is the favourite habitat for micro-organisms. Storing your tent when it’s wet or damp will definitely lead to mould and the accompanying unpleasant smells. The tent fabric, groundsheet, poles and ground pegs should all be dry before being stored.

Be aware that in addition to rain, fog and dew can also make your tent feel wet or damp. Thus, these weather conditions can also lead mould.


Tip 4: Store your tent in a breathable bag

Since cotton is a breathable fabric, it’s the perfect solution for storing your tent.


Tip 5: Keep the fabric and poles separate

Poles and ground pegs can easily damage the tent fabric if stored together. To avoid this, it’s best to pack them separately.


Tip 6: Store your tent high and dry

Now that your tent is clean, dry and folded, make sure to store it in a dry and well-ventilated area to prevent the development of mould.

If you store your tent on the ground, it could become the favourite hiding place for insects and small pests. So don’t forget to store your tent high up to avoid nasty surprises the next time you use it.


Tip 7: Maintain your tent if needed

Does your tent’s cotton fabric need maintenance? The Hydrolin product range can help to make the tent fabric water-repellant and soft again. The product also restores the original colour of the fabric – perfect for giving your tent a facelift.

Use a hammer to straighten the bent ground pegs.


Tip 8: Repairs

Is there any damage to your tent? Take a look at our wide range of spare parts. Is it a part that cannot be replaced? Contact us and we’ll be happy to help you.


That’s it. Your tent is now properly stored and ready for new adventures next summer.

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