Repair Your Tent

From the beginning of September until the end of February, we can repair your Alpino tent at our sewing atelier in Renaix (Belgium).

How to Request a Repair?

Mail your repair request, preferably with some pictures of the damage to shop@alpino.be. Our team will then contact you to make an appointment. Please be aware that our tent repair services are exclusively available for tents purchased from Alpino.

How Much Does a Repair Cost?

For each repair file (regardless of the number of tents), a fixed file cost of €75 is charged. The repairs themselves are done based on a rate per minute + the cost of materials (e.g., a zipper).

We do not provide quotes for repairs. Our repair team can provide a rough estimate of the cost before the repair. However, the time needed to repair a tent depends on the tent’s condition, the difficulty of the repair, etc., making it challenging to determine precisely in advance. The estimate is not binding.

Repair Document

Print out the correct repair document (downloadable below) and indicate as accurately as possible where the repair(s) to the tent must be carried out. Also indicate these spots with chalk or tape on the tent itself, so we can find it easily. 

Download your repair document here:

Also fill in all details (name, address, telephone number, …) and make sure that this document accompanies your tent when you bring it in.

Important note: Make sure your tent is clean and dry. If it turns out to be dirty or damp, we will not repair it. If your non-repairable tent remains here, we will charge € 50,00 storage costs per started month.

Once your tent has been repaired, you will be notified by email or phone and we will also send you the invoice. Your tent is then ready to be picked up in our workshop in Renaix.

Please collect your tents within 30 days so that we have enough space in our warehouse. If your tent remains with us longer than 30 days, we will charge € 50,00 storage costs per started month.

Do you have other questions about repairs? Contact us by e-mail or call us on 055 23 24 24.

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